Ibanez JS1000
Ibanez JS1000
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MGR/Jay Frisby 12/17/2001

Ibanez JS1000 : MGR/Jay Frisby's user review

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I bought this guitar from a fellow jemsite.com member who lives in new jersey. I bought one because i wanted one BAD and he gave me a good price for a mint guitar. i ended up paying about 900 including shipping.

i like EVERYTHING about this guitar. the nexk is the most comefortable ive ever played, the body is the most comefortable to hold. the pickups sound INCREDIABLE and you cant get a better bridge pu' than the FRED.

i dont NOT like anything, the coil taps dount sound 100% like a single coil but they sound just as good as any other coil taps out there.

GOOD GOOD GOOD..... its a Prestige Ibanez, it SHOULD be built good.

I would recoomend this guitar to any lead or rhythem guitar player looking for a guitar that can really do ANYTHING and do it like it was meant for whatever your doing with it.

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