Ibanez RG220
Ibanez RG220
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MGR/Stephen S 07/18/2004

Ibanez RG220 : MGR/Stephen S's user review

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I bought this guitar at The Guitar Center in Lawndale, CA. I've been studying for about 7 months now and wanted to finally get an electric. I didn't want to get a $100 P.O.S that I would have to replace after a year or so. After reading reviews, I decided on Ibanez. When all was said and done I paid about $325.

I tried a Jackson and a Fender (can't remember the models) for about the same price and the Ibenez had much better sound quality. Stringing is a little harder than most, but you get used to it. Once you get it tuned just right, lock them down and you won't have to bother with tuning too much. The neck feels great...which is good for beginners like me who are working through scales and chords.

About the only thing I really didn't like about this guitar is Ibenez's quality control. I literally went through 4 RG220's before I got one that worked. 2 out of 3 of the ones I got had defective tone controls. One had something wrong with the neck adjustment...E and A kept buzzing, even though I raised the action almost to the point that it seemed that the adjustment screw would come out.

Construction seems pretty well put together. Nice color also. I bought the dark blue 220 and it has a great finish.

If you know what to defects to look for, you shouldn't have any problems. This is a great guitar for the price. When buying....do yourself a favor and check that the tone adjustment works.....you probably won't use it much, but Hell,if you ask me....if it's there, I want it to work! :)

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