Ibanez RG220
Ibanez RG220
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MGR/Metalmilitia306 11/20/2005

Ibanez RG220 : MGR/Metalmilitia306's user review

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i have been playing guitar for a year and a half. i enjoy playing heavy meatal,thrash.hardcore,etc. i am currently in a band and i am the rhythm/lead guitar our othe guitarist does the same (we do the switch off leading roll)

i bought this guitar at guitar center for $190 brand new and i bought this guitar because i wanted a thin neck,24 frets,and a floyd rose tremolo,with the sweetness of an RG body

i really like the fact that it makes solos ALOT easier to play and it is very very comfortable. pickups sound pretty good not the best but they dont suck. also very good quality and easy access to 24th fret great for playing metal

what i dont like about this guitar is that it took a really long time to learn how to tune it but that a big problem for most guitars with floating tremolo bridges other than that this baby is exellent

GREAT QUALITY no questions asked

well this guitar is one of the best guitars ive evey played so if you want to get a good guitar for a good price get the Ibanez RG Any model

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