Ibanez RG220
Ibanez RG220
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MGR/Blackened 10/03/2004

Ibanez RG220 : MGR/Blackened's user review

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I got for 299.99 +TAX brand new, at a local Guitar Center one year ago. When I got it I did not know much about guitars. I just thought it looked cool because it was black and I said "hey Korn uses Ibanez guitars, so they must be good". But now I have a different opinion.

I like how the neck feels, It's a bolt-on neck but the body has been smoothed down where it's bolted down from, so it doesn't stick out and get in the way like a strat.

Well let's see. I hate the tremolo on this guitar. I was just about to try out some new heavy gauge strings for the first time on this guitar, and the low-E string saddle broke! So I had to wait about three weeks for guitar center to send it out on warrenty for repair. The repair was free but I had to wait almost a month with my dad's guitar as a back-up. The trem's saddle screws strip easy and it's a BITCH to re-string and tune with heavy gauge strings! The sound isn't all that great. If you're looking for the METALLICA sound you won't find it with this guitar. Even after changing the stock humbuckers to emg hz's, it still doesn't sound right to me. My friend's Jackson JS1 (which cost less) sounds more like metallica then mine.

The neck and body is fine. Very comfertable very easy to play, I have no troble hitting those high notes. It's the sound and trem that I don't like.The trem can be fixed but I don't feel like spending anymore money on this guitar to get the sound I want.

The bottom line is that it is still a great guitar. It'll fit you fine if your into Satriani or new metal. So if you still want it, buy it and rock out with your cock out!

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