Jackson PS2 Dinky
Jackson PS2 Dinky

PS2 Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Performer series.

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hexalto 08/12/2005

Jackson PS2 Dinky : hexalto's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
24 frets / 2 singles / 1 double / Fender type 5-way switch, Floyd Rose, Flat handle.
The need is present.


The handle is built for speed riffs and solos unbout to the other of the handle. This is a typical guitar-oriented Rock / Metal. Access to acute is easy to the 20 boxes ca spoils after a bit, it is more knitting and little fingers are welcome.
Good overall balance, very lightly.
Note that I find the handle a little "cut" to the head due to freight beyond just the edge of the handle. But it may be a default position of the hand from me ... Ibanez sleeves are more comfortable.


If you are looking for a good guitar, good market for hard / metal / Numetal / speed / trash / garage / industrial morning in modern kazoo is the right radius. Somewhat in the same spirit as the ESP M100.
The humbucker spits out without being monstrous (with adhoc distortion) and clean sounds are really clear that equates to a little bit.


I tested a Cort X2, an Ibanez RG, Yamaha Pacifica and a frankly Jackson seemed better. Problem setting DropD Floyd to play (must readjust all) but it's a problem with the Floyd rather than the guitar itself.
It complements my humble guitarothèque with Ibanez GSA for the quietest musical genres.
In short, a good guitar.