Jackson USA SL2HT-MAH Soloist
Jackson USA SL2HT-MAH Soloist

USA SL2HT-MAH Soloist, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.

krustymars 01/23/2008

Jackson USA SL2HT-MAH Soloist : krustymars's user review


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Jackson USA 24 frets 2 humbucker Seymour TB1 and SH4
all except mahogany with ebony inlay in mother of pearl shark tooth and "binding" creme
original floyd rose bridge (not licensed like many others)
one volume one tone knob a 3-position
race driver

I waited a few months after buying this guitar to post my opinion that history is not distorted by the "WOUAW" for when buying a new guitar. I bought it in May 2007. In terms of features we are in the classics for a top model. Mine is sunburst orange-red is really beautiful.
The history of the acquisition of this guitar is: last year I'm tired of scratching my schoolboy (a basic jackson not handle screwed us) that I train for 5 years and I want to spend has a real guitar man, I have a budget between 1000 and 2000 and I have some models from dean and I like good esp. So I go to Nimes in the best shop on the paca scratching of my knowledge (pv ask me if you're interested) to spend the day trying to scratch up to find one that makes me crack without preference or nine OCCAZ. This one was the first I tried and I tried all those behind (for more than 4 hours anyway) seemed to me simply bland. Just turn I fell in love with this really sound and incredible playability! ptite sail for history.


The neck feels like to play faster and easier than any other guitar, yet it is not an ultra-thin handle, just cut it right. It is accessible to the driver and not an acute problem, the notes sound perfect until the 24th fret. Ergonomics standard, even when she weighs the weight and it is rare that I stay up all repeated a particularly fragile that I'm back, for perfectly balanced against (the opposite would be surprising on a guitar of this form).


The sounds! then we are really in the exceptional, I could test a lot of guitar with a lot of high-end brands in different oriented "metal" and I have not found one to date that rivals! I know sound is subjective but really, from the first notes it was a sound that has an incredible personality! When I bought it was equipped with the original pickups, I had emg 81 85 I therefore put him in the belly, fearing that they distort his personality, but nay! Still present! Even if this configuration I think I like being tested in a sh13 easel to see what happens. The only way to get an idea of ​​its sound is to try it yourself, but watch your wallet might regret it! The neck-and all the stringed mahogany is really for much of the sound and speaks very highly!


Almost one year now that I use and I am tired, I was looking for the grail and there I found it! The new price is 2600 euros (normal for the high end) but there are a OCCAZ 1600 1700, which was my case! I said that for trying the same model but not mahogany violin, the sound is very different, so I suggest you try both: sl2h and sl2h-mah.
The value for money is interesting opportunity and frankly, once you have tried the price who cares becaufe realized that his hands had not a standard guitar but an instrument of exceptional ! I do not part with for anything.