STRATOCASTER, STC-Shaped Guitar from Musima.

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misslakalach 02/07/2013

Musima STRATOCASTER : misslakalach's user review


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Made in GDR Channel 21 frets, 3 single coil pickups strat config, selector 5 pos, all in an exemplary finish after removed (welding, milling cavities and component quality microphones)


Round super nice, mine is painted black like the body. top finish! Easy access to acute .... When the sound, I agree with the opinion that I consulted before purchase (found on the right corner to rid ... 70 euros!!) ... There are the sounds of a flute Hendrix stats with the neck pickup, a bridge pickup that sends a potato with no name! Nothing to say, I'm on the c ° ° °! to have tried Fender U.S. and other Mexican Squier, this Musima Lead Star more!


It is ideally suited to the styles I practice. But this guitar has a potential inoui: clean tones, it is a delight in all and it saturates smoothly with my Vox sustain insane!


To have had a lot of guitars in all styles configured HSS / HH is the one I prefer as its versatility is great. When the value for money, you have a background in Leclerc cart for that price, so if you find one, jump on it! I would do this choice widely and it is probably the nicest surprise of my findings and business for over 20 years!