STRATOCASTER, STC-Shaped Guitar from Musima.

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Bill Kasper 03/29/2017

Musima STRATOCASTER : Bill Kasper's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Ok, I now own 2 of these East German beauties! One Blond with a fatter maple neck and one Black with a thin rosewood board, 12'' radius one both. Both guitars sound and play as good as any strat I've owned with low,buzz free action and spot on intonation. The maple neck had very sharp fret ends that needed lots of filing while the rosewood frets were absolutely perfect. Quality control issue maybe? Regardless, these strats have a true vintage vibe. Both have HUGE brass blocks and the tremolos work flawlessly.
Big surprises for me were the pickups which are low output 4k7 or there abouts. They sound percussive and stratty with knopfleresque out of phase cluck and as said by another reviewer, they are pretty quiet for true single coils.
I was prepared to relace the tuneres but, while they aren't as smooth as modern tuners they hold tune just fine so I would rather leave the guitars stock.All the hardware is first rate and all screws are hardened steel, unlike 90% of the Chinese parts today.The RFT Potentiometers are smooth and well tapered and the RFT 5-way switch feels better than an Oak or CRL switch. All in all, with a little TLC and set up these are great strat copieswith solid [maybe 2 piece] wood bodies and great tone!!!!

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