Peavey Thor Predator
Peavey Thor Predator

Thor Predator, STC-Shaped Guitar from Peavey in the Marvel series.

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MGR/Ben Kirkwood 12/05/2001

Peavey Thor Predator : MGR/Ben Kirkwood's user review

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I bought this guitar brand new at my local Peavey dealership. About $250 US.

For the price this guitar is great. Neck is fast and the action is med-low. Guitar is realtively light.around 5 lbs. The guitar has a surprisingly good tone and durability. The pickups are what you would expect on a lower-end guitar. Good, but not the best. Maple neck is nice to play on - quick. I like the sound better than some Fender strats I've played with. Though, it largly depends on the factory.

The only trouble I've had with the guitar is with the toggle switch. The wiring was mediocre and I had to get it repaired. To correct myself, I've also had problems with the pickups (2) falling out of postition. Not knowing enough about repairs at the time I had to take it in to get fixed. It was also hard to find replacement screws for the pickups and had to modify.

Durable guitar, can take a beating. Good construction, except for the wiring (already mentioned).

I've had this guitar for about 8 years. I would definatly buy another if I could find an older make (like mine) for a good price. but I have to convince someone to steal this one first (ha). It's not that amazing, but great for the value and definatley better than any guitar I've played in it's price range $200-400.

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