Peavey Thor Predator
Peavey Thor Predator

Thor Predator, STC-Shaped Guitar from Peavey in the Marvel series.

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MGR/Nathan Chamberlad 06/26/2002

Peavey Thor Predator : MGR/Nathan Chamberlad's user review

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I got this guitar from a friend. He paid $30.00 for it because it was pretty much in peices. I got it for free because I know how to fix and set up guitars.

This guitar is the original Predator. It is a solid alder body with the alder finish and black pickguard. So already, it looks very cool. It has a maple neck and fretboard so it is quick and again, great looking. I am not sure if the pickups are original or not but MAN does it sound sweet! It is a 3 single coil pickup array. I normally play a double coil at the bridge but this has all that chunk with a single. The pickups have been previously wax-dipped so there is no microphonics. IT sounds like an SRV Fender. I mean really, I would say that the Predator is one of the best sounding guitars that I own.

Cheap wiring. I have replaced the wiring already. It was an easy job.
The frets could be higher and sharper, but that is my own preference. Other than that, I would buy 100 of these if I could find one that is as old as mine. I recently played a newer one and it sounded no where close to mine.

The construction is solid. It is definately a sturdy guitar and will take a beating. The wiring was cheap.

If you have a chance to buy an old Peavey predator, DO IT! You will be glad you did. I can't get over how inexpensive this guitar is and goes for used, compared to the amazing sound.
I have USA Fenders and 68 EKO's and an 87 Ibanez Jem 77 FP but of all the guitars I have and play, I always choose this one for the performance...

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