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red-wind 04/16/2009

Stagg S300 : red-wind's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
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Imitation stratum in the standard, if not a fret less.


The handle is enjoyable, easy Access in acute, the frets do not border on (if only I could say the same of my Gibson ...).
Too bad there are only 21 frets

Weight but nothing quite lev ct a Les Paul.

Ct use I find quite frankly Stagg.


I bought 6 years ago. A Submitted especially since I use a Gibson SG 4 years, and an Ibanez GRG, so I left the Stagg of ct.

I ressaye and compares with the other two on Vox AC30 rcemment and Behringer UltraTwin.
One could imagine that the sound is awful from Gibson. Well not that actually. I find that the sound level in him even it is almost as good as a Gibson SG.

Against it by default has a standard: it makes a horrible noise that recalls the high-voltage cables. Noise is high rev when using a single microphone. If you are in position intermdiaire two microphones can not hear it and thus almost the guitar is used.

The volume is a little weaker than my Ibanez and my Gibson, but I think a can rvler useful for one thing: use a large high compression distortion by setting the volume to a minimum (that is more lower than the minimum of the other guitars) allows for a clear lgrement perfect for dirty rock and roll, and also to play Blur.


This guitar is suitable for beginners. And even when no longer beginners, provided you do not use an amp Stagg ...

Versatility is the rendezvous, as all strata and strat imitations.

The finish and the handle are enjoyable. The weight is a bit heavy.

If we really n'coute the sound itself produced by the microphones, without attention to prter dsagrables background noise, the sound is not bad at all. But these sounds dsagrables gchent a little guitar, making it still an instrument for beginners.

Too bad there's not one or two more frets and the guitar makes a terrible noise. Anyway we will not spit on the guitar, it is not bad dj given the high rating it low price. And solid level we can say that I did see him and has always held up. As for the tuning frquent mentioned by someone, I would say no more often than on a Gibson (Gibson even has to be my agreement 3 4 times a day, and my Ibanez)

If I had the choice again, I think I would put a little more even when for Ibanez or Yamaha.