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pjouan001 11/01/2010

Stagg S300 : pjouan001's user review

«  Not buy without the advice of expert '1 »

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typical round fender


Ergonomics is all good but the guitar string made and obviously not control:
the neck is warped border on the fret nut in plastoc is too high and that no matter how ...
Hello by the poor beginners. and this is unfortunate because the woods are correct. I bought me knowingly given the price.
APRS 2 hours of work over the handle adjustment filing of certain frets (again the stick was possible but completely uninteresting), resumption of nut, locking vibrato because I do not use and it seems to me to degrade the sound and amplify unintentional mistuning
At this stage the guitar is easy to play. The sound is empty is that correct, he is good with notes that hang long.


Microphones are .. honest if indeed you use a proper amp (marshall and test SpiderValve) + EAR: ideal for testing the guitar.
Good amp stagg package: he's gone live in Emmaus.
The sounds are Fenderiens, the dynamic pretty no more. In short, a great little travel guitar and holds the road together.
Sustain, unlike what I read above is very good. The nut will change and it will be even better (almost as good that one of my all mahogany guitar HARMOND.Mais it is true that quality of production must be very very Ingal: I have inherited both a good model


3 days of use have completely revised the APRS (except electronics which do not crack unlike what I've read above)
I am more than satisfied. bluff So I bought fender vintage noiseless pickups on ebay (90 E), history of pushing a little.
Conclusion: If your handyman musicos, the opportunity is really worth
beginner without really geek buddy to try it before, and / or to correct some anomalies: go your way!

In short, a copy Fender cheap furniture factory as a very solid with the correct gear (for the price) but not over by musicians and thus making it unsuitable for use IMMEDIATE: what explains the opinions tr s differ on this guitar in this post
note 10 as may be 0 / 10