Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J
Minami 04/21/2006

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J : Minami's user review


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22 frets, two pickups and a simple double.Volume, selector switch for the microphone button, acute / severe
Maple neck


Channel trs enjoyable to play, Access in acute rather simple.
Light guitar, strat form, no particular problems.
In sound, the sound is, it is beautiful but it is, and it is difficult to obtain trs other than base.Mais good, it is quite versatile and can go anywhere so it works well .


I play mostly rock, punk and hard, and the sound is really genial.Il I even play the blues or jazz, and no problem there.
My amp is a 50W marshall, and a cube 30 but I already used my PAC on a bit of all types of amps and it goes really acute fatty partout.Les sounds really good, clear way according to the amp .
My sound prefers, a big distortion with lots of treble.


I use this scraper for 6 months, it was my first electric guitar and is really good for apprendre.Dans rev range than the 300th, she took first place hands down!
Its big advantage is its versatility and ease of use, but also its main default.Elle not type, but it is a matter of taste, I'll invest in an Epiphone Les Paul but thanks to the CAP that I learned everything, and this allowed me to choose my style.

With experience, I would do this choice, and sometimes twice a day!
Trs a good scratch for the price, go anywhere.