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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Martin & Co D-28

    Martin & Co D-28 - "Martin D-28"


    The story of this guitar goes back to 1975 when my favorite traveling companion, a 1940's vintage,LG-2 Gibson was stolen out of my Bus on a foggy, depressing evening in San Francisco. I was heartbroken and without much forethought I replaced it wit…

  • Washburn D12

    Washburn D12 - "Washburn D 12"


    I bought this guitar online from Musician's Friend. 219 bucks I think. I added a Martin Pickup for about 150 dollars. Great tone! Excellent guitar! Original string height is a little too high. Not hard to adjust. Durable and Beautiful I would…

  • Takamine G330S

    Takamine G330S - "Takamine G-330S"


    at music shop in utah bought it to have something to play at college $300 I think it has great sound, built well, never really had any problems. Travels well in airplanes. a great buy for the price. the only thing I dont like is there is a s…

  • Alvarez MD 90

    Alvarez MD 90 - "Alvarez MD90"


    I have a local music shop near where I live that has just about every guitar you could possibly want, and whats great is it's an independant store so the sales staff knows what they are doing and they put a lot of pride in helping musicians, cause th…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby"


    I purchased this on an impulse from a respected music store on the East Coast. I went in for some replacement strings for another guitar I have. While I waited to be helped, I went into the "music room" & picked up the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar…

  • Larrivée D-05

    Larrivée D-05 - "Larrivee D-05 Rosewood"


    Bought from Tony's Music Box in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada Love the full sound and the richness of the tone. Rings forever!!! Great guitar!! Love everything Perfect instrument Buy one today! This review was originally published on http:/…

  • Seagull S6 Cedar

    Seagull S6 Cedar - "Seagull S6 Cedar"


    I own a takamine 341 springsteen type acoustic which i like,and my daughter showed interest in learning to play guitar.I went to a local music store in ft walton beach fla to buy some new martin strings,and i decided to play around some with a few g…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby"


    I was looking to purchase a mohogany baby M by taylor but the music store has them on back order. The sells person showed me a Big Baby that was used and in my price range! I paid $250.00 for the Big Baby. The guitar has very few scraches on top and …

  • Takamine GS330S

    Takamine GS330S - "Takamine GS-330S"


    I bought this guitar at a Minnesotan chain called Schmitt music. They have excellent service and they had discounted guitars. I bouth this guitar, orignally around $600, for $300. The tone is amazing. I have not ever heard a guitar that has a to…

  • Martin & Co D-28

    Martin & Co D-28 - "Martin D-28"


    I purchased my D-28 from a local guitar shop who mainly sold Martin and Taylor guitars. I had tried my friends Martin guitars and had always liked the construction and tone quality. I paid $1650 and later saw it retailed for $2400. I like to play bl…