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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Martin & Co DX-1

    Martin & Co DX-1 - "Martin DX 1"


    I bought the DX 1 in Fort Smith Arkansas for 479.oo,, plus tax 520.19. I learned later that others have gotten it for around 450.00...That's okay with me,,i love it, Best sounding guitar i ever had,, It's simple,, Not pretty,,But has excactly what i …

  • Martin & Co D-35

    Martin & Co D-35 - "Martin D-35"


    Bought from a (good) friend for $500 altho it needed some work. Once I added a few hundred dollars to enhance the bracing, bridge plate, add inlay, and other minor enhancements, it plays like no other guitar I've ever owned. Deep, rich tone, and aft…

  • Taylor 314

    Taylor 314 - "Taylor 314"


    Purchased used through eBay auction - $700 and another $25 to ship. You have to love the tone and sustain. This guitar was an upgrade from my old Yamaha laminate guitar that always sounded a bit muted to my ears. The difference is just amazing, and …

  • Tanglewood TW28 SNQ

    Tanglewood TW28 SNQ - "Tanglewood TW28SNQ"


    I myself own a Tanglewood TW22 Sundance guitar and have been playing and recording for several years. I recently bought the TWS8SNQ for £130 in a shop in Guildford, Surrey. I bought it for my brother for Christmas and quite frankly am already looking…

  • Taylor 314

    Taylor 314 - "Taylor 314"


    Bought this great little guitar on line for my son..great deceision. I purchase this at The Gtr center in NJ Sound- feel, overall gerat guitar priced very very well nothinggrea brand new condition for guitar and origibal cse great great great …

  • Ibanez Silver Cadet Z Series

    Ibanez Silver Cadet Z Series - "Ibanez Silver Cadet"


    Purchased new for $600, I believe. Maybe 5, it was 8 years ago. This guitar has a great feel to it. The fretboard is nice and quick. Mine came with a Floyd Rose bridge, which has great tremelo. The Pickups are excellent.. it has the h/s/h configurat…

  • Martin & Co D-28

    Martin & Co D-28 - "Martin D28"


    Just purchased the instrument new here in Noosa Australia from the local music shop, Music@Noosa. The price was US$2735. I am using it to play bluegrass instrumental and backing for country music. Sound, Sound, Sound. I reviewed several other brand…

  • Taylor Baby Taylor

    Taylor Baby Taylor - "Taylor Baby Taylor"


    I played it for a long time in Rudy's Music in Manhattan, but didn't buy it. It was going for $250, I think. Light yet well made travel acoustic guitar. Has a pretty nice sound. You might even use it for an intimate, strummy acoustic sound on rec…

  • Cort Earth100

    Cort Earth100 - "Cort Earth 100"


    Bought new at local music store for $200. I talked to some people about it and was recommended this guitar. I wanted to buy the best guitar for roughly 200 bucks and i came to this decision after lots of research. The tone and sound is superb. Tr…

  • Taylor 810

    Taylor 810 - "Taylor 810"


    $1900, unbelievable tone. great balance and bass. put in a piazzo and just sounds great. tone just fills the room everytime. plays very well, great action. very versatile as well taylor has yet to come out with the 810 with factory electronics so i…