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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Larrivée L-03

    Larrivée L-03 - "Larrivée L-03"


    I've been playing acoustic guitar since 1997. Basically, I like to play folk and blues, but I also play a good deal of soft-rock. I don't play in any bands, however, in October 2006, I joined my church folk choir as a guitar accompanist and I manage …

  • Seagull S6 Original

    Seagull S6 Original - "Seagull S6"


    I've been playing for a year mostly finger picking. I like playing mellow rock and classical I had bought a new guitar didn't spend the time to shop around. The neck buzzed got it fix but still hard on the fingers.One day I went to a small guitar sh…

  • Martin & Co HD-28

    Martin & Co HD-28 - "Martin HD28"


    I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. My first guitar lesson was when I was 10 years old. I play guitar and mandolin. Currently i'm playing in a folk/bluegrass trio, and a four-piece rock band. My musical tastes range from rock, folk, blues, ja…

  • Martin & Co D-15M

    Martin & Co D-15M - "Martin D-15"


    I've been playing guitar for over 30 years, took my first lesson at age 10. I play guitar and mandolin. Currently I play in a folk/bluegrass trio, and a four-piece rock band. I listen to all kinds of music. A friend of mine owns this guitar. He boug…

  • Cole Clark FL1 Spruce/Maple

    Cole Clark FL1 Spruce/Maple - "Cole Clark FL1"


    I have been playing for 3 years and have been playing non stop so decided to buy a high-end guitar. I had my mind set on a Ibanez electric until I played the Cole Clark FL1. I got the Cole Clark FL1 at the local store in my town for pretty much 1000…

  • Yamaha FG730S

    Yamaha FG730S - "Yamaha FG730S"


    I have been playing off and on for 27 years. I primarily play accoustic. However, I do own an electric. I only play recreationally. My musical preference is Classic Rock. My guitars as well as my wife's guitars were stolen in February 2006 when …

  • Washburn WD18SW

    Washburn WD18SW - "Washburn WD18SW"


    Songwriter Ebay $175.00 Solid sapele (mahogany). Intricate wood marquetry, nice dark satin finish. I bought this as a B-stock item for $175.00 of ebay. This model normally seels for $350.00 and up. Came with a Washburn gig bag, as far as gig bags g…

  • Martin & Co D-28

    Martin & Co D-28 - "Martin D-28"


    Hobby hacker since the 70's Bought brand new it at Caruso's music in downtown Groton, CT in 1972 for $375 with a Guild hardshell case (I thought it was tougher than the Martin case and since I was a sailor at the time I knew it was going to take a b…

  • Martin & Co DXM

    Martin & Co DXM - "Martin DXM"


    Been playing now for about 25 years. I'm one of those guys who started off by learning Stairway to Heaven and after that it was history. I play everything from rock and country to heavy metal and some blues once in a while. I'm an on again off again …

  • Hohner HF75

    Hohner HF75 - "Hohner HF75"


    I took up guitar as an older adult (late 40s I have been playing, off and on, for 10 years; I stink but I'm getting better. I enjoy Folk, Fingerstyle, and light Rock. Leo Kottke, John Fahey and Ry Cooder are like gods to me. This was purchased on t…