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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha LL16

    Yamaha LL16 - "Yamaha LL16"


    I bought this guitar in germany for 599 euros.It is made in taiwan and is handcrafted (written on leather).The quality of the woods is incredible. solid engelman spruce top,solid east indian rosewood back and sides,ebony fretboard and bridge,gold pl…

  • Vester VJ series Jumbo

    Vester VJ series Jumbo - Raphc's review


    - Korean brand that no longer exists, it can only be found secondhand. - Jumbo shape (think EN20 Takamine), top of massive cedar, side and back of rosewood (not very nice). - Very slim neck and rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl point inlays, …

  • Taylor 110

    Taylor 110 - "Taylor 110"


    Purchased from Cherry Hill Guitar Center for $500. I play mostly electric, but wanted a decent acoustic guitar to play when I don't have an amp around when I travel I love the wooden neck. Other guitars in the range $500-$600 did not have the a wo…

  • Martin & Co D-16GT

    Martin & Co D-16GT - "Martin D16GT"


    i bought it at guitar center about 3 years ago, this was the last year that the d16 had a rosewood fretboard and bridge, before they started using micarta. I had been playing for about a year at the time, didnt know much about guitars and i needed a …

  • Epiphone PR-200

    Epiphone PR-200 - littlewing68's review


    I had a problem with the strings because of fret buzz. I switched to a 12-54 (or 56) gauge string set and have no problems anymore. USE - Is the neck comfortable? Yes, it resembles a Les Paul a lot. Which means you must like LP necks :-) - Is…

  • Martin & Co D-16GT

    Martin & Co D-16GT - "Martin D16GT"


    Purchased privately in the UK s/h £500. I have several beautiful accoustic guitars, including a vintage Guild F50(1972) and Fylde Orsino(1979). I have been interested in the tonal quality of Martin Guitars, and have spent considerable time playing …

  • Taylor  Big Baby Taylor

    Taylor Big Baby Taylor - "Taylor Big Baby (with no pick up)"


    I purchased the BB at West LA Music, in Los Angeles. They had a blow out sale where you bought one guitar and could get another one that didn't exceed the price of the first one. I didn't intend to buy any guitars but couldn't let that opportunity go…

  • Taylor 110

    Taylor 110 - "Taylor 110"


    I played this guitar for half an hour at Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood. I was just killing time in the acoustic section and started playing this one on a whim. I was surprised to find a beautiful-sounding and great-feeling instrument …

  • Yamaha CJ-838S

    Yamaha CJ-838S - "Yamaha CJ-838s"


    I was given the yamaha cj-838s by my mother who inherited it from my uncle who bought it for 1000 dollars at steves music store in toronto. I like the smooth looking light brown body of the guitar. And it has a beutiful sound just like a martin. it …

  • Washburn D36SDL

    Washburn D36SDL - "Washburn D36 SDL TAHOe"


    I aquired this guitar on ebay through a member called G Man Music. I paid $525 plus $30 for shipping. The quality of the instrument is a very good value for the price paid. It has all of the construction features, details and finish that you'd expec…