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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Fender DG-20S

    Fender DG-20S - "Fender DG-20S Natural"


    I bought this guitar at guitar cnter for $280 plus a gig bag (i got the price dwon about $100 and got a gig bag, nice). I played many acoustics there over a period of time, andthis one just seemed perfect for me. The tone that this guitar has is inc…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby"


    I sold a 1973 Gibson J-40, when I came on hard times five years ago, shortly after I had gotten married.. Who hasn't, right? Anyways, I was out of playing for about 3 years, until I went to Guitar Center in Little Rock, Ar. I had played the Big Bab…

  • Epiphone DR-100

    Epiphone DR-100 - "Epiphone DR-100"


    A few friends and I met some other friends at the Guitar Center on Memorial Day. We were busy oo-ing and ah-ing about the guitars like kids at a toy store, and one of us wanted a Gibson. The store guy offered us 15 months credit cards, and we all fel…

  • Seagull S6+ Folk

    Seagull S6+ Folk - "Seagull S-6"


    I recently purchased a Seagull S-6 Spruce with the optinal EQ system and I've never been more impressed with an acoustic/electric than I am with this guitar. Having played it side-by-side with a Gibson Sheryl Crow Edition, the Seagull was so much mo…

  • Martin & Co D-16GT

    Martin & Co D-16GT - "Martin D-16GT"


    I bought this guitar about two months ago from a large music store in Lansing, MI. It was about $800.00 after tax, but it came with a hardshell case. This really is a VERY nice guitar besides the fact that it smells really good, it has a brig…

  • Martin & Co DM

    Martin & Co DM - "Martin DM"


    bought my dm from jacksonville guitar in jacksonville ar. when i first picked it up and played i was in love .it stays in tune action is great .it was used but in excellent condition.payed 575.00 for it and caseoverall overall appearance simple bu…

  • Tanglewood TW28 STUSA

    Tanglewood TW28 STUSA - "Tanglewood Indiana Pro TW28ST-USA"


    i came across this little gem, on a spur of the moment type thing. i was looking for a house guitar as i was getting sick of people always picking up my other guitar(fender).so i was on my way to pick a totally diffrent guitar when i came across this…

  • Martin & Co D-16RGT

    Martin & Co D-16RGT - "Martin D-16RGT"


    I bought this guitar off the net from musicians friend. I had searched all the stores around my house and played just about every guitar there. This was the best sounding one in my price range.I paid 1100 american. I love the look of this guitar. I…

  • Seagull S Grand

    Seagull S Grand - "Seagull Grand"


    I purchased this fine "parlor" sized guitar at my local music store. I wanted a smaller acoustic to play anywhere without any worries. I paid about $300.00. The comfortable size and portability of this guitar are the features I like the most. It …

  • Yamaha CJ-12

    Yamaha CJ-12 - "Yamaha CJ 12"


    I bought this guitar new from Soundslive in Newcastle for £390, complete with a fitted flight case, two packs of strings and a capo! I wanted a jumbo acoustic and had been looking at Gibson/ Epiphone but the guy in the shop reckoned that the ya…