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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Guild D50

    Guild D50 - "Guild D50"


    I bought a demo D50, online, and was scared that it would not be what I hoped. I could not find a new one locally, so I risked the disappointment. Though it has a scratch here or there, and not pristine, the sound is just what I expected. I've …

  • Yamaha FG-335II

    Yamaha FG-335II - "Yamaha FG335 II BK"


    I paid $100 for the guitar, as the previous owner had died and was cremated, before the urn was placed in his guitar case. The trustee of the guitar and ashes then took the stuff to Cecil's Pawn in Boise, Idaho, where he did not repay the loan or int…

  • Fender DG-20S

    Fender DG-20S - "Fender DG-20S Natural"


    I bought this guitar at guitar cnter for $280 plus a gig bag (i got the price dwon about $100 and got a gig bag, nice). I played many acoustics there over a period of time, andthis one just seemed perfect for me. The tone that this guitar has is inc…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby"


    I sold a 1973 Gibson J-40, when I came on hard times five years ago, shortly after I had gotten married.. Who hasn't, right? Anyways, I was out of playing for about 3 years, until I went to Guitar Center in Little Rock, Ar. I had played the Big Bab…

  • Epiphone DR-100

    Epiphone DR-100 - "Epiphone DR-100"


    A few friends and I met some other friends at the Guitar Center on Memorial Day. We were busy oo-ing and ah-ing about the guitars like kids at a toy store, and one of us wanted a Gibson. The store guy offered us 15 months credit cards, and we all fel…

  • Seagull S6+ Folk

    Seagull S6+ Folk - "Seagull S-6"


    I recently purchased a Seagull S-6 Spruce with the optinal EQ system and I've never been more impressed with an acoustic/electric than I am with this guitar. Having played it side-by-side with a Gibson Sheryl Crow Edition, the Seagull was so much mo…

  • Martin & Co D-16GT

    Martin & Co D-16GT - "Martin D-16GT"


    I bought this guitar about two months ago from a large music store in Lansing, MI. It was about $800.00 after tax, but it came with a hardshell case. This really is a VERY nice guitar besides the fact that it smells really good, it has a brig…

  • Martin & Co DM

    Martin & Co DM - "Martin DM"


    bought my dm from jacksonville guitar in jacksonville ar. when i first picked it up and played i was in love .it stays in tune action is great .it was used but in excellent condition.payed 575.00 for it and caseoverall overall appearance simple bu…

  • Tanglewood TW28 STUSA

    Tanglewood TW28 STUSA - "Tanglewood Indiana Pro TW28ST-USA"


    i came across this little gem, on a spur of the moment type thing. i was looking for a house guitar as i was getting sick of people always picking up my other guitar(fender).so i was on my way to pick a totally diffrent guitar when i came across this…

  • Martin & Co D-16RGT

    Martin & Co D-16RGT - "Martin D-16RGT"


    I bought this guitar off the net from musicians friend. I had searched all the stores around my house and played just about every guitar there. This was the best sounding one in my price range.I paid 1100 american. I love the look of this guitar. I…