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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Blueridge BR60

    Blueridge BR60 - "Blueridge BR-60"


    I received this guitar as a gift from my parents. They got this guitar at Valley Music in Maumee, Ohio. They paid around $450 The action is perfect, making this guitar easy to play. The guitar has an extremely fast fret-board for an acoustic guit…

  • Martin & Co D-18

    Martin & Co D-18 - "Martin D-18"


    I bought this guitar on a whim about 3 months ago. I have been playing accoustic guitars for several years and thought I'd try a Martin. Good thing I did. Absolutely the best sounding guitar I've ever tried. Warm tones and as loud as I want it to…

  • Yamaha F310

    Yamaha F310 - "Yamaha F-310"


    I purchased this from an Exchange store on base for $250 USD back in 1998. Wanted to continue my practicing while I served in the Army. It is a well made and solid guitar. Had bright sound with it's original strings. When the strings were replaced w…

  • Takamine G330S

    Takamine G330S - "Takamine G330S"


    I purchased this on eBay for a little under $200. I really love the tone of this guitar coming at such a low price. It has the warmth of any other Takamine, yet at a price that falls slightly below its brothers. Tuners are great quality, and with …

  • Yamaha FG-180-1

    Yamaha FG-180-1 - "Yamaha FG-180 Nippon"


    frets fantastically, no buzzing. great tone. 45 years old. AWESOME everything. great. tuning pins are a bit tight, but i tune well. the tight pins ok look, a bit cheesy, but great sound awesome buy. my dad bought it for like $120 about 40 …

  • Seagull S6 Original

    Seagull S6 Original - "Seagull S6"


    Bought this guitar for my Dad who played a little bit,but never owned a good sounding guitar.Purchased from Eds Music Workshop,Ptbo,On.Canada for 279.00 ca At the time it was the best sounding guitar I could find for the money,kind of plain looking …

  • Seagull S6 Original

    Seagull S6 Original - "Seagull s6"


    I but this guitar on the internet and paid $275. It has great sound. Looses tune quite easily. Great quality!!!! It is a great guitar. It was my first guitar and I couldn't of picked better. It is the best guitar you can buy for under $1000. T…

  • Yamaki B40

    Yamaki B40 - "Yamaki Yamaki"


    My dad bought one in Japan when the company was closing down i believe. It was a large dreadnaught style. He gave it to me and my brothers and we played it so much over 15 years that it just wore out. Im not sure how much he paid for it. It had a b…

  • Washburn D100

    Washburn D100 - "Washburn D-100"


    Bought this at Musicians friend after Mars Music went out of business. From what I gather this is a custom build from Washburn that was made for Mars Music that needed to be liquidated after they closed up shop. Usually I am leery of closeouts and wh…

  • Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M

    Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M - "Epiphone AJ-500"


    I purchased this guitar used through Ebay for $350. I've been playing for about 5 years and have played many different brands and styles of guitars. I myself had played and owned only 2 acoustics of my own. One being a beginner type Ibanez acoustic (…