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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Hohner HW90

    Hohner HW90 - "Hohner HW90"


    I've played guitar for 47 years - folk, blues, bluegrass/oldtime, acoustic rock and roll. Songwriting. Finger picking more than strumming. I occasionally play with others, rarely in front of an audience. My other guitar is a Martin 000-18. I'd misse…

  • Alvarez RD8

    Alvarez RD8 - "Alvarez RD8"


    I am 53 years old and coming back to learn how to play guitar. I tried to learn in college but the guitar that I tried to learn on was JUNK. It was just not any fun when I played.I spent so much time trying to get it tuned that by the time I got read…

  • Seagull S6 GT

    Seagull S6 GT - "Seagull S6 Burst+GT"


    I've been playing acoustic guitars for almost 5 years now. I was raised with an old Yamaha acoustic guitar, and for a while I thought this would be my last guitar. I'm into classical music, country, and other types of rock. I bought the Seagull S6 G…

  • Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M

    Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M - "Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M"


    Bought from Guitar Center, for around $550. I was looking for a ALL SOLID WOOD guitar for a good price, I found the Guild models ''for around $600'' first but did not like the sound nor the construction. Then I came across the AJ-500m. This is the f…

  • Yamaha FG730S

    Yamaha FG730S - "Yamaha FG730S"


    I purchased this acoustic at Guitar Center in Scottsdale Arizona for $308 with gig bag. I had been searching for an acoustic guitar that had a good tone for under $400 bucks. I think this guitar has it all. It has a beautiful gloss finish and nic…

  • Yamaha FG-325

    Yamaha FG-325 - "Yamaha FG-325"


    went to a pawn shop in eau claire, wisconsin. my boyfriend bought it for $50. the only other guitar i've found like it was a lefty version on ebay. it was at,i think, 50 bucks. i dont know that much about guitars but i know the action is not high. …

  • Martin & Co SPD-16M

    Martin & Co SPD-16M - "Martin SPD-16M"


    I purchased this guitar at Foxes Music Company in Falls Church, Virginia for $1175.00. The moment I saw the solid European Flamed Maple back & sides I knew I had to have this guitar! From the first strummed chord I knew it also had a sound to match! …

  • Washburn D10S

    Washburn D10S - "Washburn D10SLH"


    While surfing E-Bay I came across the Zager Guitar. Read about Denny's new system of modifing his guitars(Martins and Washburns) to make them easier to play. Always wanted to learn but never took the time to ck it out until that day!!!!!!The price …

  • Yamaha LL16

    Yamaha LL16 - "Yamaha LL16"


    I bought this guitar in germany for 599 euros.It is made in taiwan and is handcrafted (written on leather).The quality of the woods is incredible. solid engelman spruce top,solid east indian rosewood back and sides,ebony fretboard and bridge,gold pl…

  • Vester VJ series Jumbo

    Vester VJ series Jumbo - Raphc's review


    - Korean brand that no longer exists, it can only be found secondhand. - Jumbo shape (think EN20 Takamine), top of massive cedar, side and back of rosewood (not very nice). - Very slim neck and rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl point inlays, …