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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Takamine AN16

    Takamine AN16 - "Takamine AN 16"


    I found this guitar in a music store in Martinsburg West Virginia. The store is K&B Music, and the guitar is the Takamine AN16 retail for the guitar is $1,559.00 The guitar is quite possibly one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. The back and s…

  • Guild D-30

    Guild D-30 - "Guild D30"


    i got this guitar at guitar center of kirland,washington. it was the only guild they had since they dont carry the brand. i got mine for $700.00 down from the asking of $900.00. EVERYTHING! ive played many martins and gibsons and none even compare t…

  • Epiphone AJ-15

    Epiphone AJ-15 - "Epiphone AJ-15"


    i bought it on line i paid $129.00 with a case on sale easy action and great built nothing great quality as good as a guitar twice its price really sounds good and projects sound great . This review was originally published on http://www.…

  • Martin & Co D-15

    Martin & Co D-15 - "Martin D15"


    Music store. 630 bucks, including "free" hard-shell and a pack of light Elixirs I got the store owner to throw in. One of the first things I noticed playing the guitar in the back room was that other store customers kept wandering back in and saying…

  • Hohner HW220

    Hohner HW220 - "Hohner HW-220"


    I bought this guitar in a music mart for 107 dollars. I wanted this guitar because i own a claical and i was tired of that dull sound a classical gives you so i bought this hohner. this hohner is great for guitar to bring around and play for your en…

  • Blueridge BR160

    Blueridge BR160 - "Blueridge BR160"


    guitarsearcher.com $499 with case The craftsmanship, choice of materials, and setup. Price Sound neck a bit too shallow Solid spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, scalloped braces, dovetail…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby"


    Played this guitar for half an hour at Sam Ash on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. It was selling for around $350. Lots of sparkle in the sound, and playability, as on almost all Taylors, is superb. The feel of this guitar against the body and on th…

  • Gibson J-45 Standard

    Gibson J-45 Standard - "Gibson J45 Vintage"


    I still have a $400AUS Seagull out of Canada which for its price was cool but it lacked depth. When I decided to take my music seriously I bought the J45 for $2995AUS at Derringers music in Adelaide South Australia. The J45 is so dynamic in tone wit…

  • Martin & Co D-35

    Martin & Co D-35 - "Martin D35"


    Nazareth Music Center $1600 This is a truly full sounding guitar. Very strong bass but not boomy like some Tacomas I have played. Nice to look at and I really like the thin neck compared to some of my less expensive guitars. Notice I said thin n…

  • Martin & Co HD-28VS

    Martin & Co HD-28VS - "Martin HD28VS"


    Online. Music123.com. End of year clearance. $2200.00 The HD28VS has a big booming sound. It is rich and full, the chords deep and resonant, leads crisp and clar and hammer ons ring. To quote Townes Van Zandt, "The bottom's low and the trebl…