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Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Martin & Co D-35

    Martin & Co D-35 - "Martin D35"


    Nazareth Music Center $1600 This is a truly full sounding guitar. Very strong bass but not boomy like some Tacomas I have played. Nice to look at and I really like the thin neck compared to some of my less expensive guitars. Notice I said thin n…

  • Martin & Co HD-28VS

    Martin & Co HD-28VS - "Martin HD28VS"


    Online. Music123.com. End of year clearance. $2200.00 The HD28VS has a big booming sound. It is rich and full, the chords deep and resonant, leads crisp and clar and hammer ons ring. To quote Townes Van Zandt, "The bottom's low and the trebl…

  • Taylor 214

    Taylor 214 - "Taylor 214"


    I purchased this instrument at Sam Ash Music in California, back in September of 2003. I paid $749 plus tax. I originally chose this instrument for 4 reasons: It was the first guitar in the Taylor line that came with a hardshell case. It was compl…

  • Gibson B25-N

    Gibson B25-N - "Gibson B-25"


    My mom's brother won a contest at a brand new store in Houston (Evan's Music City). He won some amount of money in the store and gave it to my mom. My mom really wanted a guitar and made a good choice with the Gibson B-25 The reason this guitar is…

  • Taylor BIG BABY 307

    Taylor BIG BABY 307 - "Taylor Big Baby 307GB"


    I work late a lot, and sometimes need some inspiration. I thought a smaller guitar for the office was in order. After nearly buying this guitar model, used, on ebay several times, I stopped by Dave Philips Music and Sound in NJ, and found it for le…

  • Tanglewood TW28 STUSA

    Tanglewood TW28 STUSA - "Tanglewood Indiana TW28ST-NS"


    I brought the plain wood version for £99 (otherwise £159) in brighton. I brought this because i was already really good at the bass, which was the tanglewood rebel 4x guitar, so, y not get enougher Tanglewood? Because they r really cheap, and have …

  • Washburn D34SCE

    Washburn D34SCE - "Washburn D34SCETS"


    I picked this guitar up used but in excellent condition from a guitar store while i was on vacation. It felt sturdy and well made. The finish was flawless and beautiful. I paid less than four hundred dollars for it surprisingly. the list on washburn…

  • Martin & Co DX-1

    Martin & Co DX-1 - "Martin DX1"


    Looking for a new guitar in Dumfries, Scotland, I tried out several in the £300 range. Having tried Garrison and Norman and settled on a Norman, I then tried a DX1 which I thought I could not afford - £529. Having tried it, I could not leave it in th…

  • Hohner HW220

    Hohner HW220 - "Hohner HW-220"


    I bought this guitar from Music Mac at a shopping center a little far from my home. I had seen some commercials for that store and they had a very good selection of instruments. It costed about 150 dollars. This acoustic guitar puts out a nice ful…

  • Taylor 110

    Taylor 110 - "Taylor 110"


    I purchased this guitar in Waynesboro, Virginia at Tim Spears Music City. The cost was $560. This included the soft case. Tim has a large selection of Taylor guitars from the least expensive to the more expensive. The 110 has a great price for a …