Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600
Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600

Composer Pro-XL MDX2600, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

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frankP_en 08/14/2008

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 : frankP_en's user review


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The Behringer COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX2600 total dynamic control. It has a compressor—plus a voice-adaptive de-esser, a new dynamic enhancer, authentic tube emulation and more. This compressor can give you control over your mixes, mastering, or recording. It has IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry for inaudible noise suppression. Switchable tube simulation for the warmth classic tube. You can automatically or manually adjustable attack and release times. This uses digital tech, and simulates tubes. Interactive reference-class 2-channel expander/gate/compressor/ peak limiter with integrated de-esser, dynamic enhancer, tube simulation, and low contour filter. I don't think is can be plugged into the PC or Mac. You can input your acoustic/electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals into this machine. I think it works the best on the vocals. Easy to use and follow. Just plug in and sing with the gate and limiter set. It has two main channels with XLR and quarter inch inputs and outputs. The attack time and release time can be set on automatic or manual by 0.3mSec to 300mSec and 0.05S to 5S.


I think the compression is the hardest part of the effects. I know the basics on how to use it, looked at the manual and it's still a little unclear. You dealing with frequencies and that sometimes are hard to follow. Main frequency 0.35Hz to 200kHz, +0/-3dB. The limiter and gate are easy to use. You just play around with the device until you get what you want. You want some response time in your vocals but enough to cut off after your phrase. I recorded one of my CD's with this and it works very good. It helps a lot in the feeling and style of the recorded audio. Gives you that commercial cut-off sound.


It's realistic enough. You could use in live venues for sure. You always see tons of rack crates with gear in it at shows and let me tell you, they are heavy. Forget trying to pick one up. They must have rollers on the bottom, but the sound in this unit comes out clear and clean. You always have to adjust the EQ of the instrument or vocals in your recording software. Good sound for a low priced item. Meets commercial recording quality.


I've owned mine for 1 year now. It's fitted in the rack road case I purchased. I use one or two general settings to get the right sound. There is always a few tweaks here and there. I've never tried any other models besides this one, I would think that they all pretty much do the same things. $109.. good price and good quality. It is a lower model but puts out a decent sound. I would buy another compressor for every instrument. It's a must have. This unit is made well. All steel. This item you can tell is put out quick but it does not seem to make a difference.
Dimensions (WxDxH)
19" x 8 1/2" x 1 3/4"