Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600
Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600

Composer Pro-XL MDX2600, Studio compressor from Behringer in the MDX series.

cotto 07/23/2008

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 : cotto's user review


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Compressor / limiter / gate / de-esser
1U XLR or jack + 6.35 in return send jack processor in order to have treatment supplmentaire (not bad)


Config simple and effective enough to what to do


This is a compressor before it's all what I asked so no problems but I do have a prference for ALESIS 3630
if no parasites in quality cabling.
I rather like:
-Function tube that adds a little heat as the tube circuit as say
-Limiter very practical
-The ehancer
, And the compressor quite satisfactory


I will not get into the dbat BEHRINGER I am satisfied with the product it does what I expected from him as for me everything is okay.
A default in the manufacturer: the spacing of the knobs and the fragility of those it