KRK KNS 8400
KRK KNS 8400

KNS 8400, Studio headphone from KRK in the KNS series.

Korneo 02/02/2013

KRK KNS 8400 : Korneo's user review

« Excellent! »

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I've been using them actively for two months and, after having tried out lots of headphones, including some really expensive ones, these ones really stand out.
Their frequency response is really flat, although the previous reviewer said they sound bright.
It's true in the beginning, before breaking them in, but after 24 hours they sound really good and have a divine precision in the lows.

I'm rediscovering songs with details I had never heard before.
A simple example, I had never noticed that in "Like Fire" from Bloodbath, there's voice shouting "Like Fire" in the background throughout most of the song.
But you can hear that clearly with this headphones. I have tested other headphones and listening systems but haver never heard this effect.
It goes to show the quality of these headphones.
They certainly have the same spirit as the KRK speakers, which is great.
They are perfectly isolated and feel really comfortable on the ears.

The only thing I would criticize about these headphones are the two small pads on the head. They make my head hurt after several hours.
So I put on a cap and the problem is gone.

I strongly recommend them.
TRULY unbeatable value for money.