Clavia Micro Modular
Clavia Micro Modular
FP User 10/31/2008

Clavia Micro Modular : FP User's user review


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This small machine got ALOT. The only thing i miss is some memory for making my own delays n' stuff + use own waveforms in an oscillator. 2 an-inputs and 2 an-outputs (and phones ofcoz..). 2x2 midi (1x1 control and 1x1 data). 4 knobs (one for volume, 3 for user defined controlling) + 3 buttons. (2 of them can act as a 4th controlling-knob). I use OS version 3.03

Price paid: $300 USD


Do you know how a modular synthesizer works? Then it's no prob.. the editor is very easy to use. If you are interrested in how a synthesizer works... this must be one of the best ways to learn!


Well.. this is imho the best VA (after it's mom and dad, nord modular rack and klav.. same synthesizer but with less DSP power). Most dynamic and best sounding (it can do all nord lead 1 and 2 sounds with some work).


I've misstreated mine pretty much.. it has never acted strange (except before i throwed away my old midisport 8x8 interface that just didn't seem to handle the modular). It's very good built. The knobs really knows their place.

I'm gonna get the nord modular klav... some day..

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