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Chris.angel 07/01/2003

Korg MS2000R : Chris.angel's user review


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The MS2K is a true synthesis using analog technology modlisation to produce sounds like the old machines - you guessed it-analog. Thus, it is fitted to most CRER Controller for sounds from two oscillators.

The first of these oscillators possde 4 waveforms primary wave QLQ dozens more complex gnrateur a noise and an audio input. The second offers three types of simple waves (square, triangle and sawtooth, of memory). There are, ts an LPF and HPF 12 and 24 dB, 2 LFOs, one arpgiateur, a sequencer gnial ... It possde, moreover, a powerful feature of vocoder (16 bands).

The polyphony is 4 notes (!) And is 2 multitimbral voices (for a patch). It can store up to 128 patches.


Prcis as it is a real synth! Although it comes with 128 patches INTERESTED, the purpose of this machine is CRER new sounds.

Science n'tant rarely infuses must - to do well - have some basis in sound synthse to effectively use this BCAN. Moreover, the manual does not dwell at all on these issues (but is this the rle of a user manual? - And countless resources on the subject are available on Internet). on the other hand, once the machine well in hand, the sound Fast Fashion is really comfortable and powerful thanks the range of available Controller, and its possibilities are "kolossal".

The majority of the Controller can be controlled by MIDI and inversment, their variations can be registered on sequencer.


As is often the case, the factory patches sound 'trs big', but are not always usable in compositions without being touch (dgrossis) QLQ little.

Of Manir gnrale, the sound is warm, filters and effects are effective and vocoder, although rgl retains the clarity of sound 'songs'. The 'Virtual Patch' ability to increase the CONTRL espce sounds and sequences to evolve in some trs Manir original sounds in time.

Given the lack of polyphony, this machine is not adapted to the ground. on the other hand, lead sounds, basses and effects satisfy a demanding public.


Okay, four-voice polyphony is not much. But 'should not choose the MS2K if it's not enough!
Then the MS2K is a real synth not a sound module. Even if it comes with 128 patches is above all examples or bases for new sounds.
Finally, it is technology numrique. Purists argue that probably was not the heat of a MS-20 or any other Prophet. But it's more reliable, more portable and with capacity synthses sound like.

In short, the whole world of modlisation analog, the complex has no MS2K have (I forget the polyphony). Its sound is rich, its countless possibilities and use simple trs. And, not to gcher, its price is honorable. I recommend it.