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Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6

Thread [REVIEW] And the Tab Goes On…

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1 [REVIEW] And the Tab Goes On…
Guitar Pro started out as a small tab editor but, as time went by, it soon became an indispensable software for guitar and bass players alike. Now, with the sixth version out, Guitar Pro could actually create a new category of its own.

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For those of you who cannot wait here is a link to the new GP6 website! (ta-daaah)


Franck Duhamel
Arobas Music


You can now go to the official website :


[ Post last edited on 04/08/2010 at 01:02:57 ]

Super site!  it's about time ;-)
I've been using GP since V3. I downloaded the trial version of GP just to check out. The good points:
+ MDI interface that is Multiple Dokuments open in the same window, finally.
+ The ability to move/swap voice
+ Its possble to select bars from the overview at the bottom of the screen
+ Full screen view (dont know if it disables screensaver, but it should)
+ New cursor while playing, much clearer

Some negative points

- Took me about 2 minutes to encounter a bug, select something else than a full bar and the countdown function keeps on forever
- program is big an bloated, noticeble laggning on my computer
- Its no longer possble to get to the intrument tuning from the track overview, a right click would be easy to add

Personally i dont give much for the rse engine as i use the program mainly for practising. The speed trainer althoug a godd feature has not been improved
Have you looked at the PROGRESSION Guitar programme by NOTION Music? - or their newest programme that has loads of Guitar features called NOTION 3? www.notionmusic.com
Had a check a Notion, no demo version, none of the tutorials did work... Thats enough for me