Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6

Guitar Pro 6, Tablature Editor from Arobas Music.

lovenunu 10/11/2011

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6 : lovenunu's user review

«  A big step »

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No problem for installation: the classic.
No configuration, no need for manual: the hallmark of guitar pro, was installed, it works!


So, here we will laugh a little.
For the config, it's old: P4 2.8Ghz, 2GB DDR, 320GB disks of 3 / 8 partitions.
Win XP: the CSR jump all the time, I was quickly taken the lead ... disabled, reading the bar that moves randomly ... the transition to a higher version is not top if that is nothing new aesthetics: here disappointed.
Linux (ubuntu studio / gnome) and ... magic enters the CSR turn niquel certainly a bit much (always between 65 and 85%), but it's not pop, it does not lague ... and the bar reading a ultra smooth motion, everything works niquel! ... Go just for the retail angry: you can not use timidity to leave a beautiful sound directly south of the tabs GP: p


It's been 3 months that I passed ...
Its main advantage is open to the world of free (For that, thank QT: p): linux today, tomorrow maybe BSD, who knows? :)
Of course ... one could compare it to its "rival" free: tuxguitar, who made a great tablature, but is less handy for writing that GP.
What can blame him ... the window of the fretboard sloppy, they have not even taken the time to give it a name, they left the "Qt-subapplication". A little bugged too ... But hey, these are just details.
And finally in old troll: You can blame him for not opening its source, but not! :)
And if not, seriously, the new organization is not really clear: we balance all the symbols on the same pace, and pick the right ... On AC, GP5 was much better organized.

In short, it's good to see our little French home at sign to advance their project in this way, of course anyway, € 60 for software of any kind, I think it looks really expensive, but hey .. . at least with guitar pro, we know that in any case, it will not even pay for itself in one week! :)