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Just for Laughs ─ Bands about to split

learning You know your band is about to break up when...
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Some bands last for years, and others only for months, but the reality is that all bands break up eventually. When a split is imminent, the telltale sings are everywhere. As a public service we compiled a list of them.

You know your band is about to break up when...

- The drummer starts writing songs

- The guitar player brings his girlfriend to rehearsals

- The bassist can't stop talking about his funk side project

- You've been rehearsing two years and still haven't played a gig

- The singer proposes to include his keyboard player buddy in the band...and the keyboard player wants to play solos, too

- All your friends and family have come to at least four concerts

- The bassist suggests trying out his fretless

- The drummer proposes an intro with mallets

- The drummer wants to add e-drum pads to his drum kit

- Your girlfriend comes to your show but spends the whole time texting

- For the first time ever, you need to tell the drummer to play louder

- For the first time ever, you need to tell the guitarist to play louder

- You suggest that the drummer and bassist start playing with a click

- Nobody in the crowd demands an encore, except for your mom...and the audience is made up of family members only

- The sound engineer goes for a smoke during your gig...and he never comes back

- The opening act has a larger audience than your band

- The singer proposes to play guitar during a song

- You still have 200 copies of your first EP left…and you pressed 250

- The guitar player just bought a phaser pedal

- The crowd is all wearing earplugs…and you’re an acoustic band

- Your bassist says he just heard Frank Zappa and it's awesome

- The bass player can't play Mondays...

- ...the drummer Tuesdays

- ...the guitarist Wednesdays

- ...the singer Thursdays

- The guitar player comes in late to a rehearsal and says he needs to leave early for a dental appointment


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