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Thread Greet & Meet bbb###

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1 Greet & Meet bbb###
Hi Gang ~ In searching around for a Forum that was customed to what I do, I signed up with apprx 5 different Forums which none seemed to be a perfect fit until I googed and found this one. B4 I joined, I read some of the Post and I was impressed with the over-all knowledge of many here and how quickly people provide answers & solutions to situations, which is all one could ask for.

I have a home based studio with a DAW that I built using Cubase SX3 (Registered) <-- I include this info bcuz I purchase everything I use, I do not use privated software for many reasons. (1) Ocassionally I need support and you can't get it if you didn't buy it. (2) I Compose Music and I'm sensitive to the work it takes to provide a service of any nature hoping to secure compensation from your effort just to have people steal it from you. (3) Most importantly, I liketo consider myself as part of the solution in our society rather than part of the problem.

I would guess that I'm basically a Guitarist however I play very good drums patterned after Dave Weckle although not nearly as great. I'm also a fairly convincing keyboardist and can put forth a pretty nice solo depending on the key structure and tempo. But mostly, in my studio, where I write & play everything, I unnderstand instruments in a manner of how they are played which is extremely important.

I own seven guitars: Original Owner 79 Startocaster (Ebony Board) w/Seymour Duncan PUs. I have a 62 Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburn that I really never play becuz I'm a Start kinda guy. I recently purchased a Breedlove Acoustic that I like very much but strange as it may be, I bought an acoustic from the Pawn Shop some years ago for $50 USD called a Jasmine and I get some incredible sound from it not to mention it is amazingly easy to play serious solos on. My only Keyboard is a Korg M1 which is the Controller although I do have some Roland Rackmount Mods. And for Drums I bought the Roland V-Session Kit with the TD-10. I recently picked up the Line6 XT Live Guitar effects board (LOVE IT !!!!) I previously had the Line6 Pod 2.0 and it's now in the oroginal box but nobody wants it so I'll just let it sit there until who knows when .. And I just got Steinberg's Vurtual Bassist which is what I am going to talk about on here in teh next few days.

My Handle is JFPlayer (Jazz Fusion Player) but you can call me Scott