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Thread How y'all are?

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1 How y'all are?
I'm a musician for about 43 years now, counting that as from when I started playing night-times for money. I'm 58 years old and play blues, swing, ballads, love songs, torch songs, rock'n'roll, and just about whatever style song will make somebody want to listen or dance. I play guitar mostly, but Parkinson's disease has sort of pushed me into doing more midi-keyboard stuff lately. I write my own songs and have since I was ten or so. I've played in the US and Europe, and have lately begun playing a few gigs again after letting Parkinson's scare me for a few years. Now, when my arms don't work, I put down the guitar, let my partner Ricky play, and I just sing.

My home recording rig is:
iMac G4, 512Mb RAM, 54Gb HDD, 150Gb USB HDD, Dynex 7-port USB hub, Edirol UM-2 Midi Patchbay, Presonus Inspire 1394 Firewire recording interface, CuBase, Korg Z3 Guitar Synth with ZD-3 controller and Korg FC-6 foot switch controller, Korg DW-8000 keyboard, Ibanez Artcore AF75 BS1201 Guitar, some Shure SM57 mics, a QSC 1400 amp with a Crate CA-1P preamplifier, and a couple of Klipsch Tanngent 100 speakers, along with a Mesa Boogie 10" in a sealed box. For analog recording, which I still do, since I have hundreds of cassettes in the rack, there's a very trustworthy old Tascam 122 rack-mount recorder. For a graphic EQ, when and if I ever need it, I use an Onkyo U35, which does all it needs to do.

My only product was a cassette album in 1988 entitled "Dr JuJu Invents the Truth." I'm remastering that now for CD, and working on a sequel, if something this much later can be called that, titled "The Doctor Will See You Now." The music is from the genres mentioned above with a bit of harmonica by a friend from France and a bit of fiddle by a friend from Breaux Bridge Louisiana, some vocals, bass, and percussion by a couple of fellows from the Ozarks, and guitar by the aforementioned gig-partner Ricky. My home studio will not be the master for the CD, but is just my notepad. I make CDs, send them out to the guys, and we'll all get together at my recordist's place. His name is Lyn. He's a real good producer.

That's about it. I don't type much, not because I'm not sociable, but because it takes an awful lot of concentration with Parkinson's to do anything with the hands.

Laissez les bon temps rouler. Me and Ricky will be playing Tuesday night at a club in a town nearby for Mardi Gras. Hope y'all have as much fun as we will.

Dr JuJu
Welcome, Dr Juju!! Glad you're here!!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
drjuju, I think you played at my 29th birthday party in Fayetteville in July 1980. Does that sound familiar? I am still a big fan; haven't heard you play in a quarter century!