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Thread HELP~ oh yeah my name is sinatra im in CA.

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1 HELP~ oh yeah my name is sinatra im in CA.
:mad: Ok so i go to guitar center and i speak with the sales man there and i ask him whats the best thing to start on music production. He insists on REASON 3.0 so i purchase it along with a M-Audio axiom middi keyboard controller. OK so i dont know how to use either or. I Need help i have installed both and Reason im sorry it looks like calculus to me and i can't get any kind of feedback from the contoller(keyboard) to the pc. What am i doing wrong? Who can help me? I need some help to get started.

J. aka:Sinatra
Its a really long story. I don't know my way around Reason, but Reason might not even be the program that you want.

Reason is a mainly a MIDI based sequencer, so if you plan on doing any audio (actual recording) work, return Reason if at all possible.
If you are working in the MIDI world (and by that I mean mostly electronic music), then Reason will work for you, so read the manual, mess with it and post any questions on it in the Sequencer forum.