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Thread Howzeeet!

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Topic Howzeeet!
Hi Guys.

I'm based in Johannesburgm South Africa and have a home studio (PC) with a MOTO 2048 card and I'm using Nuendo, Reason, Korg Legacy and a bunch of fx from Waves and some of the usual free ware suspects. Inputs are via a somewhat antiquated Yamaha 01v. I also have a Roland JP8000 that I use as an analogous solo instrument and for real time vocoder I've modified a Digitech S100 - dirty, noisy, awesome!

My only problem is staying fresh and current. I kinda missed out on the drum and bass thang and my drum sequencing sucks, so I'm all ears for advice in this area. I want to rework some old songs and I know through this new stuff will come. I'm a verse and chorus man - maybe I should start breaking that mould...?

Anyways I'm glad to be here.

Hamba Gahle!
Welcome Analogic.

My Great Grandfather was the Mayor of Johannesburg for a short time somewhere around the Boer War, according to family legend. The legend also has it that he was shot to death outside a bar, whereupon my orphaned Grandfather, at 16 years old, immigrated to America with his 8 year old sister in tow. My Grandpa was an interesting dude.......

For drum stuff, check out using drum loops. Beta Monkey makes some decent inexpensive loops. I use them in Cakewalk Home studio, shich has looping capability.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Hi Axe. Thanks for that - very interesting. That story sounds very familiar to me. Pls let me know his name and I'll look into verifying that for you.

Will look into Beta Monkey, perhapss I could mix loops underneath patterns. I really need to brush up on my perc.

Cheers Man and thanks!
His last name would've been Goldman. I think he was a major in the British (?) Army. Don't know his first name.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD