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Thread absolute newb wanting to record

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1 absolute newb wanting to record
hi guys,
this is my first post in this forum. I am a guitar player and I am wanting to branch away from four track cassette recording. I have very, very little knowledge in the way of burning cd's, digital recording and so forth but want to learn. I am confused as to where to start. I was thinking about mbox2 or line 6 tone port. What I need is something to record guitar tracks, add multiple effects (I mainly want a killer distortion and clean, chorus tone), I will need to buy a bass I am sure, and something that I can add drum tracks. I have windows xp with 514 memory I believe. I am a bit nervous as this would be a fairly large investment for me and I am not very savvy (if you couldn't tell,h a ha) with respect to computer software and so forth. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am not sure if I should invest in a combo amp first; I just have a 65w drive amp; I dont like the distortion or the effects much. I am considering a line 6 spider II.
;) G'day maestro41,
Welcome,although I'm new here too.For running multiple VST (Virtual Studio Technology(I think))or DirectX effects, I recommend Synapse Orion or Fruity Loops. These are probably the cheaper options, I don't know if you can do this with any freeware. Keep in mind that you need a low latency on your sound card not to have delay when you play, and the sound coming through effected. I don't know the latency on these cards, but mine (M-Audio Audiophile USB) is 9.3 ms, which is just enough to play with. You can track audio in both Orion and FL, and these sequencers would both be great for making drum loops to add. For tracking out your drums and guitar, I recommend Acid, though. It's really easy to use and you can see your audio's waveform when mixing. Maybe you could use Sony Sound Forge or Adobe Audition for recording, but you can get away with using Windows sound recorder, perhaps. Free demos of Orion and FL are definetly available.
Hope you enjoy digital audio,
Cheers, Nix