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Thread Can anyone help me

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1 Can anyone help me
I use alot of piano keys in my beats I was wanting to know if any one could help me with a question I have- In Dr.Dre's Still D.R.E beat a producer named Scott Storch did the repetitive piano keys in the beat and I really like how they sound all I know is he used a keyboard to do those does anybody no what kind of piano sound he used in doing them or what notes they were? cuz I have a beat that would sound tight with some keys kinda like them. I don't wanna do the exact same keys cuz that would be illegal but something similar would be nice if anybody can help that would be greatly appreciated.
it's a piano with muted strings. there should be a similar piano bank in the Reason 3 library... or else get a real piano and put a cloth on it while playing :)
okay Thanks