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Thread Cubase Latency Problems

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1 Cubase Latency Problems
I am running Cubase with Reason through Rewire. I have problems with the latency on Cubase, even without running reason. I press a key or speak a note and it is delayed at least one second. How can I remedy this???? My soundcard is nothing much, actually kinda pathetic. It is a Realtek AC97.

Thanks, I know u guys on here are great with this stuff!!!

%1$s a écrit I'm sure you already know that you'd be better off with an actual soundcard

i couldn't agree more :cool:
I have a laptop home studio setup, with Cubase SX3, M-Audio 410, proteus 2000 and Windows XP Professional. My memory and processor are good too, but i still have the problems with my audio and midi signals( they both show a signal when I start up cubase (as well as on the actual m-audio), but then both signals cut out after about 1 or 2 minutes. I've checked that cubase is using the right M-Audio ASIO path in the device setup and I also can access the proteus soundbank via the track info on a project( and in midi device manager). i have also disabled my computer's soundcard (sigma tel) in case it is interferring. (hibernate is also disabled) I can't figure out if it's a cubase or a m-audio problem. I have recently done a total recovery of my c drive and re-installed cubase sx3 and the M-audio driver, but to no avail.

HELP!!! Does anyone have any other ideas as to what the problem might be?