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Thread Evaluate my system??

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1 Evaluate my system??
Hi everybody
The following is my system / home Studio.
CPU: 2 GHz; Hard drive: 160GB; RAM: 1GHz; FSB: 133 MHz
Audio Interface: M-Audio Firewire Solo www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FireWireSolo-main.html
Microphone: Audio-technica AT2020 https://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?eqint_KeyIDdata=40737&id=TL01
Keyboard: Roland EM-10 (none Professional)
Speaker and SoundCard: Creative 5.1; Sound Blaster Live
Software or Program
Sonar 4.0 Pro; Battery 2.0; Project 5; Acid 5; SoundForge 8.0; Logic platinum 5.5.1
Fruit Loop 5.0 and Ableton live 4.0.

I would like to know on the scale of 10 what I can really achieve with my little home Studio. What Monitor (Speaker) will fit my system the best. Also if Wind Midi Controller instrument like Yamaha Pro Audio WX5 Wind (https://www.zzounds.com/item--YAMWX5 is necessary to have for none piano player. Furthermore can I really hook up a mixer with the audio interface I have (m-audio Firewire)
Thanks in advance
A lot of hits were made with just 3 or 4 tracks of tape and a whole lot of imagination and creativity. Most of the equipment we have are just tools and it's how you decide to use them and overcome their limitations that defines how good you can become. I once heard a fantastic reader demo song in a Future Music cd that was made using tracker software, a soundblaster, and a cheap keyboard. I try to imagine what the bloke could have done with better equipment...