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Thread Rock Luddite seeks tech transformation

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1 Rock Luddite seeks tech transformation
Hey all, after years of using 1/2 guitars, a stomp box or two and some occasional percussion dabblings to get my groove on, I'm finally looking to embrace the seemingly (and often mind boggling) possibilities afforded by technology. Midi is still a complete mystery but I'm slowly finding my way around step sequencing and soft synths (so far I'm only using F L Studio) and starting to get some reasonable results.
What I would really, really like would be to give a quick run down on what I have collected so far and to get ANY feedback on the best way to hook it all up and start learning...
So here goes: 3.2 Gig PC with 1024 ram, with a Soundblaster Live! card
Atari 1040 STE with Cubase
An Emu Xtreme Lead 1 rack mount synth
& An Akai S3000XL Sampler

I know there are probably some essentials I still need to buy ( decent monitors, s/card etc), but I would really appreciate an idiots guide to getting started, I have posted on some other forums and been given a bit too much info if you know what I mean...

Thanks all...
Have you tried Tweakheadz? They have good 'Getting Started' guides and articles that range from newbie experience level going up to semi-advanced level.