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Thread Soundcard question

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1 Soundcard question

I have a Roland MC-505 Groovebox that I use with a MIDI Keyboard and I would like to buy a new soundcard for my PC (Dell Dimension 4200, 2GB RAM, 2x200 GB HD).

I would like to link my Groovebox to the computer and the keyboard via a MIDI cable, so that I can play sounds with the keyboard and work on them on Cubasis on the computer. I would also like to plug a mike to my computer to add vocals.

My 2 questions:

> What soundcards could you recommend? I have read some reviews about the Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum or Platinum Pro card, which comes with Cubasis. Has anyone used this card and would it be fine for the job? Or do you think this card is overkill?

> Are these soundcards easy to set up?

Thank you very much for your help, it's appreciated.

Creative cards are aimed at gamers.
The M-audio Audiophile is much much better and also cheaper right now.
Check that the card you get has a midi port.
I'd recommend the MAudio 24/96 and a small Behringer mixer for the front end. You won't be sorry....
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I use M-Audio Delta 10/10. It's very easy to setup, nice sound quality and good suport from M-Audio.
It is also a unexpensive sound card.

Try to read some about it.

Hope it helped.