Universal Audio Apollo Duo
Jsax 02/28/2013

Universal Audio Apollo Duo : Jsax's user review

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1-my choices were motivated not have integrated DSP drawing knowing that I already use the uad pci.
But rédui latency.

2 - I use it with anything since I bought that really want to do with mixing in my home studio.
I intend to buy a second to install it in my studio.

3-I use a Quad core PC 14.3 2GB Windows 8 memoiresur yes it works too!
I recommend rather work on more powerful Intel i5 or i7 genre ....


1 - Nothing to say about the stability of operation! here does not sulk if they have a really good PC. even on their website recommends some specificity for the use of appolo

2-I work with cubase! and it works very well. I intend to test it on protools 10 or even what it looks like ...

With SPDIF and Line adat and there are many of you entered can save a group of seven musicians at the same time easily.

3 - update are very well attended. this is more for the dsp driver ...
4 - I work with a latency of 8ms to 5ms


1 - it installs itself!
2 - config is very simple
3 - attention to firewire!! read the recommendation of the site!
I wanted to throw it out the window because I had not taken the time to inform me on their website! lol ...


1 - I am now 5 months since honed with it running!
2 - I really do not turn evil on another sound card! but I can pretend out the sound of DR DRE! lol ...

report fair price! anyway quality has a price!