Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH
Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH

Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

L'aztec 10/17/2014

Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH : L'aztec's user review

«  Fender Gibsonnienne »

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I wanted to offer me a Gibson SG Special but by trying it is the drama handle suits me absolutely not. So I am back on a Fender with sleeves my leave good memories. Trying is even better than a standard Tele for my taste, the handle seems a little thinner and flatter is the key which is perfect for my small hands. action set has a hurry by the seller before my eyes is very correct. A real highway. Ergonomics level access to the treble is much better than a standard Tele but is more difficult than on a SG (bend on the G string at fret 19 requires a little practice). it's a featherweight for Tele after 3 hours of concert I have quite a shoulder. I play with a long strap and I is not no problem to handle plunging. sitting for the game can be a chamfer to the forearm would have been a plus. Finally on the use it is very simple only 2 tone knob (push / pull) and volume three position selector.


I play mostly rock 70-80 years it is top for that!
Vacuum already sounds serious. It vibrates a lot and it asks to be connected.
All-tube amp while at noon and a fat overdrive, micro acute and knobs are scraped thoroughly and there it is we begin to Billy Gibbons. the pickups are fantastic.
with my all-tube amp at home (Bugera 5W) it sounds right away without struggling with the settings. On stage I play with a line6 pod hd connect directly to the mixer and it sounds pretty (unlike with my old guitars). it's very easy to get the type ZZ TOP with a big overdrive or AC / DC guy with a marshall who crunch. Once the micro splitter adpanne well for the police, for example, but it will never be the top to funk versatility has limits. I like simplicity and I'm delighted not need to play with the knob it sounds like I love everything thoroughly.


I use this guitar for 3 me and I love it. It there's any problem finishing the binding on my own body drooling a bit at the attachment of the strap and a little problem I have 2 frets with defects, tiny entaillse (when you bend has the 3rd or 12th cargo rope hangs a little) has the force to make bend around the cargo 12 is back to normal but by regarding the freight 3 we will have to see a luthier. Despite this violin looks superb quality. the seller has set me in a hurry for me 15min changed the strings to a 10-52, a big blow for the handle key etc ... I use three hours later for a concert and there is nothing to move during a concert or even later. The tuning holds very well.
The guitar is superb throughout with this red polish that leaves appear below table
The value for money is ok not great for my taste, 700 euros the tip anyway there are better finished guitars that certainly sounds can be worse. I will bring it to a luthier to make me a very fine tuning I'm sure we can further improve the game.
In short I recommend this guitar to everyone who wants to play ZZ TOP without Gibson