Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH
Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH

Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

Bensoul 03/30/2008

Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH : Bensoul's user review


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Fender Corenne "Special Edition Series".
Table Carved Saddle TIGR.
Ergonomic body and set neck mahogany.
Rosewood fingerboard with very beautiful 22 Jumbo frets trs well finished.
Mcaniques oil bath prcises stable, adjustable string through fixed bridge.
Humbucking pickups Fender Black Canyon in the neck position and Atomic II bridge. (Not Duncan as the Telecaster Blackout in the same series - try!)
Volume 500KA, 500KA Tone a push / pull (single / double coil) and capacitor 0.22f.
Slecteur 3 position: neck pickup, neck-bridge, bridge. (More split winding)
Amber honeyed finish and superb fittings "smoke chrome" beautiful.


This skyscraper is the most enjoyable run there may be. Lgrement thinner than the US Tele, with a heel ergonomic pany.
The body is also thinner than 5mm to sculpt fawn fawn derrire Les Paul and Stratocaster, Telecaster fawn or simply GT, making the guitar trslgre and comfortable. Everything is well screwed on this wonder, the stack o hair properly.
The action is low trs, frets smooth, the bridge is of a size appropriate and enjoyable for a contact, the knobs are just at hand ...
J'enlve slecteur point for giving an impression of fragility, although no signal for 2 years, and the Tone knob for that lack of Resistors in its handling may be surprising.
But again it is done for.


So l!! bleuf frankly given the price. It trsrsonant, thank you for mahogany and strings traversing. Full, round, brilliant but balance. It feels dj before connecting, and APRS ...
Exceptionally, this sound and well gnreux Defines, Bleusy well rock! full of harmonics and medium. RULES Although it is extra, the microphones do not lose a beat, a sound in all directions and behaves well even with many dgueulasses Satus of hell. But it is with a good overdrive that gives the best of the Fender humbucker. It's hot, happiness.
In split is "so nice", a nice chorus and it's full of feelings and expressions. The Tone fit for purpose with finesse.
Submitted least a Standard Tele, but just as effective with the grain of double and more. 10/10 for sure.


This Tele was jubilant. For those who enjoy a pleasant change, it will fill all the DSIR in her dress "Vintage" so sensual.
I regret that Fender does offer more in the transparent black finish with hints of violet lgrement. I found it more personality. snif
Well what can I say? Telecaster Gibsonian a colored, extremely talented and versatile, the report qualitprix impressive ... a beautiful instrument.