Fender Hot Rodded American Fat Tele
Fender Hot Rodded American Fat Tele

Hot Rodded American Fat Tele, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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MGR/Sorefingers 01/21/2003

Fender Hot Rodded American Fat Tele : MGR/Sorefingers's user review

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I picked up this guitar when MARS was going out of business for $700. I had been looking for a Les Paul but after playing the telecaster I change my mind.

Tonal variation and range of tones achievable are incredible. With a humbucker in the neck position and a hot single in the bridge you can achieve a good range of tones. Fender put in a five way switch whith good separation and the basic tone/volume controls are smooth and responsive. Coupled with my Line6 212 this guitar sings. I was extremely pleased with the finnish and workmanship (almost hate to play it ... Almost) its truly a work of art. I hav'nt put it down for at least 3 months now. My poor strat is collecting dust in the corner. The neck is a joy to play and the action is just right for me low but not too low. Truly an interesting instrument and a joy to play. I've always liked the Tele style but it never quite fit the music I play, now with the humbucker I can have it all. Funny thing though after I got used to it I find myself using the bridge pickup more and more. Suites the lower volume playing for enjoyement style better I guess. I hooked it up to my friends Roadmaster and he leaned on the volume and man did that humbucker scream.

I would have prefered a strait case but the Tele came with a molded case witout much room inside. I like to store strings cables and such in the inside compartment like my old fender tweed case for the strat.

The Tele has a Alder body with a three tone sunburst finish. Neck is maple with a skunk stripe and a rosewood fingerboard. Fenders Schaller style tunners top off the headstock. The finish is poly so it should hold up well. Everything works together and there is not one thing I would change except the strings. I replaced the Fenders with a set of Ernie Balls super slinkys (9-42), my preference just feel better to me the Fenders feel stiff or hard?

I love this guitar and would buy another if someone could get me to part with this one. Probably don't have to worry about it being stolen as it s almost never out of my hands.

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