Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012]
Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012]

American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Standard series.

iamqman 08/04/2011

Fender American Standard Telecaster [2008-2012] : iamqman's user review

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The Fender telecaster is one of the most iconic guitars ever produces. It helps to be one of the very first electric guitars ever made, so it has some face time with the public that an Explorer or a PRS doesn't have. So many people are used to seeing this guitar over the years and that helps in the marketing of this shape of guitar. The shape is great and unlike the Fender Strat this guitar has a better cleaner sustain to my ears. Not that is sustains longer but the sustain is a cleaner headroom than the Strat to my ears. The tone cannot match the Strat but it has its own thing going on. This is a country player's guitar and a softer rock guitar for sure. You can't really drop tune this guitar and get a decent sound out of it. It wasn't made to do that type of modern rock and tuning.


Fender American Telecaster Candy Cola Rosewood Fretboard Features:

Alnico V pickups
Deluxe hardware
Solid alder body (black, 3-color sunburst, candy cola, and blizzard pearl) or ash body (2-t3-c-cone sunburst, natural, crimson red transparent)
Modern C-shaped maple neck with rich, deep neck tint, glossed neck fretboard with satin back and rolled edges
Delta-tone™ no-load circuit
Highly finished frets
Detailed nut work
Bent steel Fender saddles
American Standard Tele® Bridge Plate (steel saddles and brass plate) for improved resonance
Thinner undercoat for improved body resonance
Rosewood or maple fretboard
Staggered machine heads


The Fender Telecaster has unique tone and a powerful and clean punch to the tone that is unlike any other guitar made by Fender or anybody else for that matter. These guitars has a nice easy shape to the body a neck so they should feel and sound suburb. The Fender Tele's have a sound that is just phenomenal to my ears. I mean the tone is basically the same as any other Fender telecaster but the red color of this guitar just pops more than other colors and leaves me wanting to explore the guitar even more. So you tend to give it a little bit more soul and dynamic because the look of it just brings you to that level.

I like to play the Fender Tele with just about any guitar amp that I have. This guitar will blend with what ever you have and make it that much better and that much more musical. My favorite treatment for these guitars is to blend them with a Fender Hot Rod amp or a Marshall JMP. I love the tone that the dark HR amp has than blends well with the voicing of this guitar. The JMP has a nice brighter tone to my ears that makes the bright tone that this guitar match in a clean way. Hard to explain in just words what those two instruments do together.


You can pick these guitars up new for right at around $1000, which isn't that bad of a price for this American made guitar. I prefer the maple fretboard over the rosewood fretboard on this guitar but the red color is just something else to me. I love that color of red and it just pops when you first see it in person. One fantastic looking and sounding guitar.