Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]

American Telecaster [2000-2007], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

moosers 02/12/2009

Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007] : moosers's user review


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The Fender American Series Telecaster has 22 frets two single coil pickups. It has knobs for controlling the volume and tone and has a switch for selecting between the pickups. The set up of the Tele is easy to follow and is easy to get a great sound out of - just let it rip!


The American Telecaster is extremely easy to play and feels great overall. It is great for playing both lead and rhythm and it has a classic Tele body which has become so ubiquitous in rock music. It isn't heavy and is really easy to get a good sound out of - both pickups sounds great and is easy to get both a great rhythm tone and a great lead tone.


I have used guitar for only rock and pop music, as this is what I play most of the time. It definitley works for both applications as the inherent tone is rich and is especially great for classic rock. It sounds great both clean and with overdrive but have found that it isn't suited for heavy distortion, but is great with more of an overdrive distortion.


I've been playing the American Telecaster for about three years. Like a lot of people I have come to love both the overall feel and sound of the Telecaster. Since it is made in America it is very well built and is the best Telecaster you can buy. It has a unique tone and is great for playing rock n roll. The price is set right for an instrument like this and is comparable to an American Stratocaster. Both are great guitars and have great tone quality - some people like Teles and some like Strats, I like both of them as they are each unique with varieying feels and tones. Overall the Fender American Telecaster is a classic guitar that continues to be a mainstay in rock music.