Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]

American Telecaster [2000-2007], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

ezekielhimself 08/03/2008

Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007] : ezekielhimself's user review


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- USA tele standart,
- Fixed bridge "fender" typical 80 with its six bridges
- 2 volume and tone pots + 1 slcteur microphone positions 3 (severe, Mlenge, acute)
- Channel Profile "C" rather fine


- Channel trs so late while a pice Saddle: single, sober, "devilishly comfortable" !!!!!
- Good Access in acute, m ^ me time is a 22 round boxes,
- Ergonomics, although this is a cot and not a strat tl, then one may have to adapt (but rest assured you've trs quickly!)
- On the tl "sound" is "radical" (typ but it has to be loved !!!!)


- Ah! Yes it is a style of my zik "rock n 'roll" and then jazz blues brf I'm not going all the deficits!!
- Play a 30-channel MarshallJTM clear! rve is an on-air le'Marshall Anniversary in crunch ... What up!! for all types of amplifiers is a guitar that is played in "clear" "crunch" and not with mga saturations or it loses its "identity"
- I get this beautiful Grae's "clear" dry and crunchy, oily and dry as trs typ but hey it's good for is that I have also chosen!
- I love the whole look, well, comfort "can a rude" and especially what "his" typical dry m ^ me was empty, not a branch it sound projection of hell ...


- I bought this guitar in 2001, for the record I was looking for a "Start" and as in addition to being a fan of Clapton I'm a fan of Richie Kotzen ... I say all the fawn that j'achte tl now or later ... bullshit because I took time to tame! I had a good year before they can do it "sounds" like I wanted what I like most everything bein ... I love the sound, comfort, look, I must say mine is red with a plate mtallise gray celluloid has a mouth of hell ... (go see it on my profile!) Mystra one accompanied him: the number "2" martel derrire his head, I look far and in fact I knew that dernirement c'tait by what it silent "second CATEGORY" a sort was done in factories at the time of expditions (source Fender France) for a second-digger! it sounds, I got shovels and I still have some (not counting the one I try and I play with my friends rgulirement) and much is my guitar "prf re "!!!! yes I would do without this choice hsitations