Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]

American Telecaster [2000-2007], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

wanacoco 09/26/2007

Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007] : wanacoco's user review


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First of all, hello everyone!
Fender Telecaster American series (018402700) 3colors sunburst.
-22 Boxes
-Maple fingerboard
Handle-type "C"
... Telecaster everything over standard ...!

Note max because that's all I expected.


I think this type of neck Fender ttrès are easy to learn, as thin and narrow enough not to have felt like a log in his hands.
I also play a Gibson Les Paul Classic, and I wanted something diametrically opposed to the level of touch, you win. Contrary to an opinion that was asked earlier, I think the weight is pretty insignificant in the face of tanks gibson ... I think it's honest.
I put 9 because I feel comfortable playing really great, I saw this since I scratch, just a little flat for access to acute that will not be easy for small mimine ...

Weight checked on a request: 3.5 kg for telecaster
against 4.4 kg for a Gibson Les Paul Classic


Coming from the world of punk rock, so I played on Gibson Les Paul Classic + mesa rectoverb, need power, and contrast with 2nd guitar on Yamaha Pacifica + Laney VH100R.
Marriage is good because very complementary.

Today only guitarist, I prefer to opt for versatility.
So tele + mesa, the clean sound is very good, warm and clear (maybe not as much as Fender + fender banging, I grant you).

On boosted channel, low gain, the sound is very warm, and as soon as you start typing in the high gain, we quickly realized the wonderful dynamics of this guitar.

Even putting the two knobs at the bottom of the guitar, piano attack very clear sound casi / crunchy, and when you start to pick the oatmeal, you feel the power and reach the edge.

Still better than having to manage one or more pedals to the feet, you can clearly handle the size of your attack with his right hand and that's really good, this guitar is an extension of my soul, there is no other word ...
The Les Paul is very hard to hold at that level, it comes out right away too ...


Guitar bought 2 months ago € 1200 in stores, compared with a 50th anniversary stratovolcano (very good too!), I find that the tele goes further in cutting edge, cutting ...

great versatility, there's only move the selector microphones to realize ...
That said I would not use it either to play the big metal big huge distortion, I think it is more its reach, it takes humbucker ...

That said, I recommend strongly to all those (and those!) Who are looking to try this instrument, because as you know, this is only my opinion.
As soon as I got it in the hands I knew I will leave with ...

Good hunting everyone, feel free to mail me if need more info (n.gaillard357 @ laposte.net)