Fender Standard Telecaster [2009-2018]
Fender Standard Telecaster [2009-2018]

Standard Telecaster [2009-2018], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Telecaster series.

iamqman 08/04/2011

Fender Standard Telecaster [2009-2018] : iamqman's user review

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Fender is probably the biggest music company in the world when it comes to amps and guitars. They have singled handily take probably the largest portion of the amp and guitar market. Their instruments have been played all over the world from beginner learning guitar players to the best professionals in the world. Any guitar who has ever been playing the guitar or even seen a guitar has probably come across a Fender Telecaster at some point.

This is great guitar for those needing a solid sounding Fender telecaster made in America. This guitar has a great feel and pleasurable tone. The instrument gets a solid sustain and a nice rounded clean tone that is fitting for many country guitarists and mild gain players. It is one of the most easily recognized guitars shapes and guitars in the world and one of the most easily recognizable sounding guitars as well.



Alnico V pickups
Deluxe hardware
Solid alder body (black, 3-color sunburst, candy cola, and blizzard pearl) or ash body (2-t3-c-cone sunburst, natural, crimson red transparent)
Modern C-shaped maple neck with rich, deep neck tint, glossed neck fretboard with satin back and rolled edges
Delta-tone™ no-load circuit
Highly finished frets
Detailed nut work
Bent steel Fender saddles
American Standard Tele® Bridge Plate (steel saddles and brass plate) for improved resonance
Thinner undercoat for improved body resonance
Rosewood or maple fretboard
Staggered machine heads


The tone of these guitars do not change from any other Fender Telecaster that anyone has ever played. If you have played one American Fender Telecaster than you know exactly how one sounds. There is a reason why so many people have turned to the Tele for their tonal needs. They have a great feel and ease of playing that makes for a quick comfort and tone that is unmistakably a Fender Telecaster. There isn't too much variation of tone between Teles, some have a better feel that others and some resonate better than others, but that goes for any guitar built. You can tell the difference in a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Telecaster, and Fender Stratocaster. They each have their own tone and sound that uniquely their own. So the Tele will do only what a Tele will do and a Les Paul can't touch that and visa versa.


At new these guitars come in right at around $999 which is a steal of a great price. If I were in the market this would be about the best you could do for an American made Fender Telecaster guitar. I would recommend everyone to own at least one Fender Telecaster. They are a great for clean player's who need a clean gain tone or a good sparkling tone.