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brunodel 05/15/2014

Fender TL62 : brunodel's user review

" I love great sound"

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Model japan 1999 reissue 1962 classic sunburst with dual binding characteristic of this year. american standard Tele bridge current, neck rosewood fingerboard 21 frets, thin enough, radius 7.25 ... mechanical vintage, pick 3 white folds.
I mounted microphones texas special, and changed the tusc nut to a bone nut. 1 3-position selector (changed with a new fender because the original was broken)
microphones origins were nice but lacked character, a bit dull. they were seymour Duncun N1 and S & D B1. I made an aluminum shielding cavities because bcp parasites buzz before, now it's nickel
mounted with strings D'Addario 10-46


The handle is top. the radius can not be delivered too low action if you want big bends. (Currently 2 mm fret12) but essentially rhythmic scratching ... I love this set, parfais for rythm soul, reggae, funk, crossed with a lot of chuckles, etc. ..
rather thin neck, nothing to do with a baja example.


its typical TV. a bit less twang without the bridge with brass saddles, but better accuracy settings, and a great twang anyway. the texas special pickups give character. bridge position very punchy, jazzy neck position, middle limit dire straits ...
I play Marshall Valvestate 8280 or so live rehearsal on the sound with 2 multi effects in series (one ToneLab st 1010 and zoom just to equalizer) and it works great!


I for 6 months. it is a TV, it is not to make satriani, but for well-typed rhythm is not better I think. I bought 500 euros OCCAZ + texas special pickups, so it's a good investment anyway, but compared to us on TV, I am not blind trial that we can differentiate ...
great guitar